The milk disappears, what to do, how to restore lactation?

Contents of the article:

  1. Why breast milk is lost
  2. Increasing lactation correctly

The milk disappears, what to do, how to restore lactation-2

Why does breastmilk disappear

Most women 96-97% have the opportunity to breast-feed the baby. The rest have some deviations, due to which lactation after childbirth does not occur. These reasons are attributed to the early stage of the lactation crisis( hypogalactia), which occurs in the first ten days. There is also a late lactation crisis occurring after the first, second months of a child's life or later. Such young mothers with hypogalactia are much more, up to 45% of the total number of women giving birth. So why does breastmilk disappear after several months of breastfeeding? There can be several reasons.

  • • The mother does not want to breastfeed her baby. What if the milk was missing for this very reason? Here, without a psychological attitude can not do. With such a mother, a specialist or other mothers should work, proving the benefits of breastfeeding;
  • • Young and inexperie
    nced mothers rarely give the baby a breast, and then wonder why the milk disappears from the nursing mother. Do it more in the hours of feeding, whereas it is recommended to put the baby on his request. Even if he does not eat much at all;
  • • If a woman in childbirth enters a depressed state after discharge from hospital due to malfunctions, rubbish and nervous situation in the family, and there are no other reasons why the breast milk is lost. To solve such a problem, it is necessary to change the situation and quiet peaceful life.
  • • Why does the milk disappear from the nursing mother, if she does everything right? She even introduced a premature feeding, that would be a baby, was not hungry. Just because of the supplementary feeding, the child began to use less breast milk, which, in turn, began to be weaker;
  • • Milk from a nursing mother can disappear if her baby was born prematurely and weak and for this reason did not eat the necessary portion;
  • • With maternal malnutrition slows down, and then the production of breast milk completely stops;
  • • When taking drugs that lower lactation or use of contraceptives, the instructions of which are inadmissibility of application during the period of breastfeeding;
  • • It leads to the cessation of lactation and improper application to the breast or the ingestion of large amounts of air by the child. This reduces the portion of the eaten product, which leads to less milk production;
  • • Why is milk lost in nursing mother? It can happen and because of the short frenum of the child. In connection with this deficiency, the baby eats less, which also leads to a decrease in the amount of breast milk.

Increasing lactation correctly

Many mothers are interested in the question of how to get breast milk back if it disappears and does not hurt either yourself or the child. If you are one of those mothers who want to breastfeed their child as long as possible or overcome the psychological barrier, and now try to resume lactation after the milk is gone, or increase it, then these tips are for you.

The first thing you should pay attention to is food. Does not mean that you should use double portions. It will be enough to have a full day diet. He should include: cottage cheese, kefir, fermented milk, milk, hard cheese, meat. Do not forget about the use of liquid, it should be 1.5-2 liters per day. Look for the answer to the question of how to restore lactation, if milk is gone, renew the nutrition, and before each feeding, drink tea with milk.

Having noticed how your breast milk is missing, knowing the first symptoms of this, you should sound the alarm and start to act correctly. The first news of reducing the amount of milk is the lack of it for your baby. If you lose milk, and it is almost gone, how to increase lactation? Remember, if at least a drop of milk is present in the chest, it is possible to increase its number, observing the following rules.

  • • 5 - 6 times a day to drink hot tea with milk in equal proportions. Using during this a couple of walnuts;
  • • One-breasted feeding procedure, the second one is in the process of pouring. The next feeding is done by another breast, and so alternate. If the milk is low, feed more often.
  • • When solving the problem of how to restore lactation, if the milk is gone, without fail, after each feeding, it is necessary to express the remaining milk until the breast is completely emptied. You can feed a child with a spoon, never use a bottle;
  • • And, of course, you should avoid stressful situations and not be nervous about trifles, then you can not only help yourself to resume, but also tell others what to do if milk disappears.

Now you know what breast milk can be lost from, so try to avoid all the situations that contribute to it. Be vigilant if you want to feed your child with breast milk for a long time, observe sleep, diet, less nervous. Then you and your child will be fine.

Everyone knows that breastfeeding has several advantages over artificial mixtures. In the mother's milk contains all the useful substances necessary for the full growth and development of the child. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of infant formula, breastfeeding is not only useful, but also economically profitable. And the last factor of the positive impact of mother's milk is the emotional connection with the child through this product. Therefore, for some moms, it becomes a shock situation when milk is lost, and what to do in this case, not all of them know.