Is it possible to eat cucumbers in a nursing mother?

Cucumber is a healthy and nutritious product that contains fiber and B and C vitamins. Vegetables are an excellent appetizer and complement to various salads, it quenches thirst( 95% water consists) and is suitable for making menu with diet. But is it possible to eat cucumbers in a nursing mother whose diet should consist of products not contraindicated in lactation?

Contents of the article:

  1. Cucumbers and lactation
  2. Vegetable consumption rate
  3. Pickled cucumbers in lactation

Can I eat cucumber breastfeeding mom

Cucumbers and lactation

Cucumbers do not contain substances that are contraindicated for a nursing mother. On the contrary, fresh vegetables improve intestinal peristalsis, normalize digestion and saturate the body with important vitamins. The baby receives useful substances with the mother's milk, so cucumbers during breastfeeding can not do harm. On the contrary, the child gets vitamins B necessary for the development and full-growth of vitamins B, to strengthen bones and form the immune system, vita

mins C and A.

But it's not for nothing that young moms are wondering if cucumbers can be breastfed. Often, fresh vegetables cause flatulence and bloating. If a woman has, so-called, an allergy to cucumbers, which manifests itself as a violation of digestion, then almost certainly she has a child. That is, the use of this vegetable will lead to colic in the baby.

Asking if it is possible to cucumber a nursing mother, it is worth looking at the reaction of your body. If after eating the product does not disturb digestion, then do not give up such a useful vegetable. But even in this case it is better to wait until the child reaches the age of four months. Until then, the mother's diet is limited only to non-allergenic foods.

Vegetable intake rate

Given the above, we can draw conclusions about whether it is possible to eat cucumbers when breastfeeding - you can, but only in the absence of unpleasant consequences of eating a vegetable and in moderate amounts. Do not completely switch to eating salads and appetizers from vegetables. The mother needs a full-fledged diet consisting of meat, fish, milk and fruit dishes. But cucumbers can eat 2-3 times a week for 2-4 small pieces.

A woman should remember that you can use cucumbers without adding mayonnaise and seasonings. The best option is to prepare a light salad of cucumber and broccoli seasoned with vegetable or olive oil. It is better to buy vegetables in the summer, ideally - to grow on a summer residence or a kitchen garden independently. If there is no such possibility, it is worth making a purchase from neighbors, relatives or friends. This will give confidence that the cucumbers were grown without the addition of chemicals, which can not be said about the store products.

Pickled cucumbers with lactation

Can I pickle pickled cucumbers? When breastfeeding it is recommended to abandon all highly salted and spicy dishes. They can lead to colic and constipation in the baby. Choosing between fresh and salted vegetables, the choice should be made in favor of the former. But in this case there is an exception. Independently, you can prepare lightly salted cucumbers, keeping them in the prepared solution( water and salt) for no more than a day. It is better to take large fruits, so that the solution does not completely absorb the cucumber. But from the purchased gherkins young mother should be abandoned. And there are several reasons for this:

  • Preservatives are added to the brine to increase the product's service life;
  • The long storage of cucumbers in the brine makes the fruit very salty;
  • In the brine are added various seasonings, contraindicated in lactation;
  • About the origin and growth of cucumbers to buyers nothing is known, most vegetables are grown in greenhouse conditions with the use of additives for rapid growth;
  • You can store an open jar for no more than two days, and during this time your mother can eat only 2-3 cucumbers.

Often pediatricians recommend replacing fresh cucumbers with salted, as they do not cause increased gas production. Whether this is right or not - you can not say for sure, much depends on the characteristics of the woman's body. Someone quietly eats salads from fresh vegetables, and someone after one cucumber suffers from digestion. Therefore, it is up to each mom to decide whether to eat cucumbers while breastfeeding. And if with the use of fresh vegetables have difficulties with digestion, it is worth trying to eat one lightly salted or pickled cucumber.

Many women who have recently given birth to babies are able to eat cucumbers in nursing mothers. This delicious and healthy vegetable, which does not contain protein and fats, is a wonderful addition to meat dishes. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure and enjoy a couple of cucumbers once every few days in the absence of contraindications.